Other and FAQs


Our community office can help you navigate the government in various ways and point you in the right direction! Our promise to you is that we will always act in a professional and courteous way. It’s the golden rule!

Provincially our office can assist you with:

  • Directing your questions or concerns to a specific Minister/Ministry
  • Navigating the COVID provincial government supports, or finding you the resources that can assist you in your search
  • Understanding what the role of an MLA is, and what role the Legislature of British Columbia plays in your daily life


What is the Government of BC responsible for? 

  1. Provincial Taxes – PST
  2. Hospitals and Healthcare Delivery
  3. Prisons
  4. Education System – Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary
  5. Marriage
  6. Property & Civil Rights
  7. Road Rules & Licensing 
  8. Age of Majority


If you have questions about any of the following, please allow our staff to connect you with your local Member of Parliament or City Councillor:


Federal Jurisdiction Municipal Jurisdiction 
  • National Defence
  • Foreign Affairs 
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • CERB or any other federally funded COVID program
  • National Monetary Policy (Bank of Canada) 
  • Banking
  • Canada Post
  • Shipping 
  • Railways
  • Telecommunications
  • Interprovincial Pipelines 
  • Indigenous lands and Rights 
  • Copyright Law
  • Criminal Law
  • City parks
  • Public transportation
  • Collection of garbage and recycling
  • Water and Sewer services
  • Fire prevention
  • City roads and sidewalks
  • Licensing and control of pets